09/12/12 - New Shows Added and More!

Hey Rockers!! New shows have been added. Hope to see you there!!

9/23 - Rodeo Club - San Jose, CA
10/5 - Neto's - Santa Clara, CA
10/17 - Gig - Hannover, Germany
10/21 - Rock City -  Nottingham, England (FIREFEST
10/26 - Neto's - Santa Clara, CA (Last Bay Area performance for 2012!)

In other news, I've pushed back the release date for my new album. Just too much on my plate right now, and I started feeling pressured to finish it. So I'm taking a break from recording and will resume once I'm back from Europe. I want to make this the best album ever, so I need to take time to make it BAD ASS. I promise it will be worth the wait!

Until next time!

Peace & Love



There are no upcoming events right now.